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Hotel ở Brisbane CBD đang cần tuyển 1 Assistant Housekeeping Manager

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🎯🎯🎯 We are seeking an ASSISTANT HOUSEKEEPING MANAGER to assist with the day to day running of the Housekeeping Department in Brisbane Hotels.

📌 Responsible for the supervision of all staff on duty
📌Perform duties such as training, rosters and administration reports as assigned by Housekeeping Manager or Hotel Management.
📌 Maintain awareness of all VIP arrivals (& in-house), and ensures rooms are inspected in accordance with VIP checklist.
📌 Inspect all work performed to ensure it meets the standards
📌 Assist general spring clean program operations (spring cleaning) – releases rooms in accordance to program checklist and procedure.
📌 Assist with housekeeping operations – stock control and releasing of rooms in accordance with presentation standards.
📌 Maintain the role of Assistant Site Manager when required.
📌 Assist in preparation of bi-monthly reports on the condition of floors and other equipment, including general information about staff or other issues.
📌 Perform any other shifts / duties that are required by direct reports or Hotel Management.
📌 Develop and maintain strong working relationship with the Front Office Team.

Please send your Resume to reception@sforce.solutions and quote <Applying for Assistant Housekeeping Manager in Brisbane> in your subject.

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.